Elevate how you communicate.

We help leaders communicate in situations that are important to them. We coach by video call. All you need is a computer and a quiet place.

Message Refinement

Convince with ease.

  • Learn how to create urgency
  • Use powerful examples
  • Make listeners empathize
  • Reduce complexity
  • Show your authentic self
  • Instill confidence
  • Inspire action

Trusted Feedback

Think out loud together.

  • Have a trusted sounding board
  • Test new ideas and concepts
  • Get rapid-response input
  • Rehearse complex conversations
  • Be listened to with empathy
  • Count on unvarnished reactions
  • Depend on confidentiality

Media Training

Be ready for prime time.

  • Prepare for media interviews
  • Deal with difficult questions
  • Always stay on message
  • Perfect your body language
  • How to smile for TV
  • Understand how journalists tick
  • Know interview ground rules

“I believe that feedback is one of the greatest gifts in life.”

Marc Fest, Founder, Atlantic Point Executive Communications Coaching


“I found it to be extremely useful.”

Diane Samuels
Vice President, Talent and Human Resources, Ford Foundation

“The best speech training I have ever had.”

Eric Cohen
Executive Director, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

“Seriously one of the best trainings I ever had.”

Marielena Hincapie
Executive Director, National Immigration Law Center

“The coaching was invaluable.”

Damian Thorman
Former Director, White House Social Innovation Fund

“I wish I would have had this training earlier.”

Kyle Kutuchief
Program Director, Knight Foundation (video)

“As sophisticated as it was supportive.”

Wally Patawaran
Program Officer, JPB Foundation

“Marc’s research made the training very personalized.”

Michelle Dover
Program Director, Ploughshares

“Marc did a phenomenal job.”

Sara Kutchesfahani
Director, N Square DC Hub (video)

“Miraculous improvements… in one fast-paced hour.”

Roz Savage
First woman to row solo across three oceans, Author, Environmentalist

“It’s a brief but extremely useful session.”

Pavel Podvig
Senior Researcher, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research

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